My own favourite Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars amongst those I have owned and enjoyed...........
After a few MK Vis and Shadow IIs I
acquired an original Barker Barrel-sided open tourer GDK21, which I enjoyed for 20 years.

Won trophies at the Manchester To Blackpool V & V car run and elsewhere.

Eventually, it was sold around 2003
...I’m still going for counselling !

But I no longer have the sciatica from the hard seats and double de-clutching !

My 1976 Corniche ( left )
had done some 30,000 miles
and, apart from the seatbelts,
was a delight to drive.
It was very responsive
with it’s big SU carburettors.

Sold to this Frenchman whilst on holiday in Beuvron on Auge, he
Came to the U.K. To accept
delivery outside the factory !

The Corniche II ( left &
below ) from 1987,
the same spec. as the
Motor Show car, was
A painting by
Peter Miller
of the car.
Gentleman’s “Club on  wheels ”

Silver Cloud
After fitting radial ply tyres and replacing the radiator
matix this car was delightful. This picture, taken by our front door, is from James Taylor’s book about Crewe cars 1946 to 1955.

Borrowed by Rolls-Royce in 1998 for the launch of the Seraph & Arnage.
I bought this Bentley Continental SC / Sedanca in 2007, twin turbo and very fast. Based on the Continental T and
quite a handful !
I did have this Silver Shadow II
in the early 1990s,
20,000 miles, one previous owner,
delightful to drive.
Only the Air Con. failed whilst on an
August hot tour of France !!