The earlier Corniche models, I, II, III & IV were made from 1971 to 1994 and all were derived from the 1966 Mulliner Park Ward  2-Door Silver Shadow.
This car has no resemblance to or connection with those models, save only perhaps the 6.75 litre V8 engine and the traditional  eyeball dashboard air vents !
This was the last Rolls-Royce car to have been designed at the Crewe factory before ownership passed to VW and was one of the last R-R cars to have been built there.

The two door Bentleys which had been introduced just a few years earlier, the Continental T and Continental SC were tough, fast driving machines
and a “ bit of a handful “ .  
 In contrast the Corniche wafts along In  traditional gentle Rolls-Royce style.
We attended the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club North of England event at
Harewood House in Yorkshire in August 2011.  
We were invited to the parade and asked to demonstrate the car in front of those attending,
some pictures follow........
The specification of the car, as shown in the brochure, is as follows:-
Note the Special registration number:-    C 20 MPW

C for Corniche
20 for the year of the introduction...2000
MPW for Mulliner Park Ward, where it was first assembled
The above are sample pages from the car history book.

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This and the next
four pictures
below are from the Rolls-Royce publicity material.
Whilst not badged
as a Corniche V,
 it tends to be
known as such,
or as a
“ Corniche 2000 ”
This car was introduced in 2000 and made for 2 years with fewer than 60 being R.H.D specification for supply to Japan, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, U.K. etc.   The car was intended for the USA market and
had it’s world premiere at the 2000 Los Angeles Auto Show.
We were most surprised, on returning to the car to we had been awarded the Rolls-Royce Ribbon !
The last Rolls-Royce Corniche model...and the finest !
2000 Corniche V
The new millennium saw Rolls-Royce resurrect the name Corniche following the cessation of production of the series IV model in 1994.

The all new Series V model was not dissimilar to the then current Bentley Azure when considering dimensions and styling, but was fitted with a 6.75 litre V8 engine which was turbo charged, resulting in tremendous on road performance.

Thankfully the Crewe designers decided to bypass fitting their new ( VW ) V12 engine in favour of the traditional Rolls-Royce V8 engine which had proven its worth over several decades of development.

This was the last Rolls-Royce car to be completely designed and built at Crewe.   It can be seen that the radiator shell and Spirit of Ecstasy mascots are similar to the then current Silver Seraph.

Production lasted just two years and in addition to left hand drive cars destined for the USA, a little more than 45 right hand drive cars were produced for world-wide distribution.

In typical Rolls-Royce fashion at the factory in Crewe, great care was taken in finishing each car
to the  new owner’s specification.
The price of this car when new was £249,000.
The car has of course had subsequent services
This badge came to me with the car but not fixed to it, you will see that it has been mounted in R-R fashion on this veneered base.  

This may be because the Kenwood SatNav / CD/ Blue tooth system had been fitted. later and quite recently,