Rolls-Royce Aero matters........................

Despite serving my apprenticeship many years ago at the Military Aircraft H.Q. of BAE systems, or as it was then, British Aerospace and English Electric, my knowledge of and interest in matters aeronautical is minimal.


I do have a few items of some interest......................
These con rods and pistons came to me from Bruntingthorpe areodrome with a written assurance that they came from the Spitfire that crashed in 1992.
Below is shown a magnificient historical Rolls Royce book,  The front cover has the blue centre part raised / padded with the gold eagle and script heavily embossed; you will see that it is tassle tied as well, a superb printing job.

The size is 12 x 9 inches / 305 x 220 mm. 33 pages of top quality paper, text and photographs. The book is all about the unveiling in 1949 of the leaded window installed in the Rolls-Royce Derby factory in memory of the brave young pilots who lost their lives during the war flying R-R powered Spitfires etc.

All the good and great from the forces, government, diplomatic corps, etc were present. This book was sent to those invitees after the event. A superb book and very scarce. SPOTLESS / Mint condition.
As time and enthusiasm permits................I will add other items
I turn up.

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