In 1979, to commemorate 75 years of Rolls-Royce, the company
commissioned pairs of bronze busts of the founders. These are cold cast
resin These weigh together 4 kilograms, about 9 pounds. The height Is
220 mm / 8 .75 inches. They are beautifully executed pieces that would look wonderful in your office, library or den. These two items were in the showroom of a Rolls-Royce dealer for very many years.
You would get with them the original certificate and the maker’s tag.
On the front of each is a brass plaque, as you will see.
These have been exhibited at the RREC’s annual rally.

Busts of this type aren’t too common, These were presented by R-R to the dealerships, where they were kept in the office of the Director,
in the showroom or boardroom.
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Rolls-Royce letter openers come in
several styles, sometimes they are boxed. Some were presented to the dealers at the launch of the Spirit and Mulsanne in October 1980 and are engraved as such.
The Rolls-Royce and Bentley  Gift Collection catalogue shows the letter opener, on the right.............
This magnificent Bentley case below is something very very special.
New, unused and just out of the box.
Inside the brown box is a white cardboard case, lined with
protective material, the front folds down to facilitate sliding out
the actual veneered case.

There are two polished stainless steel ( or chrome ? ) keys with black tassels.
The fittings are highly polished stainless, the hinges are top quality.

The size is about 370 x 280 x 100 mm / 14.5 x 11 x 4 inches. The weight without the outer cases is 4.5
kilos / about 10 pounds.
Underneath is black felt cloth.

Inside you will see sample cards showing the colours of the optional hides, paint & veneers for Bentley cars. 1500 + samples in all.

Also there are about 20 small black folders into which the samples of veneers & paints can be slotted and taken away.

This is one of just a few cases that Bentley motors had in their factory customer area for assisting in the presentations made to those on a tour.

I am told that a few of these were offered to the main / major dealers at a price approaching £1,000 but were not all taken !

Finally, my pictures don’t do it justice, please excuse the reflections.
It is a beautifully veneered and lacquered case, ideal for jewellery
( without the insert), " After Eight mints " or just keep it as it is.

NOTE the number stamped into
lead in the base
The pair on the home page and
above are original 1979 busts
from the Rolls-Royce factory
in 1979.

TO THE LEFT, quite acceptable,
almost as nice and half the price
are these two later copies !

To see the history of all these busts